Robots as Intelligent Social Systems Working in the Outer World

Dubrovnik, Croatia, 17-22 June, 2013

Supported by European Network for Social IntelligenceFakultet Strojarstva i Brodogradnje, FSB, Zagreb

Robotic International Summer-School 2013

Depending on the availability of funds, RISS-WOW 2013 will award scholarships to the best students. The student selection process will include the evaluation of the following parameters:

 Studentís origin (distance, region), giving priority to students coming from less developed countries or regions that have been traditionally under-represented in the AI and robotics. The intent is to encourage further participation of researchers from such countries, and to foster research in the field of AI and robotics;

 the alignment of the candidateís specialization and research interest with the topic of the RISS-WOW 2013 Summer-school;

 the list of publications with the emphasis on the number and importance of publications;

 participation in national/international research project(s);

 the letter of recommendation by the candidateís Tutor.